About Us

AudioSweets Pick ‘N’ Mix is the weekly updating imaging tool kit used by over 1000 stations around the world. Inside you can audition and download thousands of workparts from promo shells to beds, artist drops to branded intros, music imagers and topical elements; all of this is available 24/7 with your subscription.

The Team

Simon Prentice
Managing Director
Co-founder of AudioSweets, Simon was brought up in a world of radio jingles and imaging. Simon has worked on many projects with some of the biggest names in UK broadcasting, recording with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and at Abbey Road Studios. Simon oversees the AudioSweets team and manages projects.
Lee Turner
Lee was born in the north of England, and has an honours degree in Popular Music and Recording. Having spent 16 years in the business, Lee has worked as a producer and music composer for numerous bands and multinational agencies and his music can be heard around the globe.
Denzil Lacey
Fiddling with knobs since the age of 2, Denzil has worked with some of the biggest Radio Brands in Ireland including: RTE, SPIN South West and Classic Hits 4FM. He loves rhythmic Imaging and lives by Protools. Denzil was also part of the speaker line up at The Imaging Days 2016.
Maurice Cheetham
Maurice, is an accomplished musician, producing imaging for radio stations around the world. His music career has seen him performing as a percussionist and conductor with the CBSO, SNO, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and many more orchestras. As well as being orchestrally trained, Maurice is a skilful programmer able to adapt to any musical genre.


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